When you work with a script-driven app on your site and all of the content that you generate is stored in a database, your hosting plan needs to include sufficient database storage space, so as to ensure that even when the site expands, you won't experience any kind of problems due to the lack of space. PostgreSQL is an example of a well-known database control system that is used with plenty of scalable web applications and if you require improved performance and security for your site, it's very likely that you'll take advantage of this solution. With this in mind, you need a website hosting plan that won't limit your world wide web presence, particularly if you would like to manage multiple sites and each of them employs PostgreSQL databases.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Hosting
We offer a plethora of hosting in order to provide you with an option to obtain the functions that you really need and not pay extra for options that you will never use. For this reason, the PostgreSQL storage space is an additional enhancement that you'll be able to add using your Hepsia Control Panel for some of the plans; with others you will have a certain quota, while with the top packages you get unlimited database space. Because you can quickly switch among the packages or upgrade certain attributes, you may start with a lower-end one and eventually upgrade when you would like to host PostgreSQL-driven sites. Of course, in case you need to start such a site from the start, you are able to pick the most suitable plan which has PostgreSQL support as standard.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you get one of our semi-dedicated servers, you can manage PostgreSQL sites without having to worry that you can get to any kind of limit for the volume of your databases, since there isn't such a restriction. When you use our cloud hosting platform, a separate group of servers manages your databases, thus when additional computing power or database storage space is required at any time, we simply connect extra servers or HDDs. Unlike other providers, we don't run everything on the same server. Our plans are powerful and enable you to manage heavy, resource-consuming sites, so we have ensured that the PostgreSQL database storage attribute matches all the rest of the capabilities. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel which comes with the semi-dedicated accounts allows you to view the size of each PostgreSQL database that you have in addition to the total size of all the databases, but these numbers will be available solely for your information.