A ticketing system is the most widespread correspondence channel that hosting providers offer to their clients. It is typically part of the billing account and is the most efficient way to solve a problem that takes a certain amount of time to investigate or that has to be forwarded to an administrator. Thus, all responses given by either side will be kept in the same location in the event that someone else needs to work on the issue at hand and the information in the ticket will be accessible to all parties. The drawback of using a ticketing system with most web hosting platforms is that it’s not integrated into the web hosting Control Panel, which means that you’ll have to sign in and out of no less than two accounts in order to accomplish a specific operation or to reach the hosting company’s technical support staff. If you wish to manage a couple of domains and each one is hosted in a different account, you will have to use an even larger number of accounts at the same time. Plus, it could take a substantial length of time for the provider to respond to your ticket.
Integrated Ticketing System in Hosting
In contrast to what you may find with many other hosting providers, the support ticket system that we use with our hosting is included in the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all hosting accounts. You will not have to memorize different login names and passwords, as you’ll be able to manage both your tickets and the hosting account itself from a single location. So, in case you’ve got a query or bump into a complication, you can contact our customer care team representatives momentarily. Our system features a clever search mechanism. This means that even in case you have opened an enormous number of tickets through the years, you’ll be able to track down the one that you need with ease. Moreover, you can read knowledge base guidelines for handling commonly faced problems.
Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers
The Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included with all our semi-dedicated servers, was built with the belief that you should be able to manage everything associated with your semi-dedicated account from a single place and the support tickets are not an exception. Our ticketing system is incorporated into the Hepsia Control Panel, so, in case you have a question or chance upon a problem, you can get in touch with our customer support staff on the spur of the moment without having to use some other interface. You can browse your website files or check different settings in your account whilst posting a new ticket or reading the response to an older one. If you have an abundance of tickets and you would like to find a specific one, you can take advantage of the clever search functionality, which is available in the Help section. We guarantee that you will receive an answer in no more than one hour irrespective of the essence of your query or problem.